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Flatten Chicken without a Mallet – 5 Ways

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flatten chicken5 ways to flatten chicken without a mallet, or any other meat for that fact. 

Pounding out chicken breasts is part of many recipes, and many people don’t keep a heavy kitchen mallet on hand. If you don’t own a kitchen mallet, there are several ways to pound out your chicken or other meats.

Whichever method you choose to flatten chicken 

You’ll need to cover the meat on both sides. My favorite method is a resealable freezer bag, because they are thick and can take a beating. But plastic wrap or wax paper will also work fine.

1. Rolling Pin

Rolling pins aren’t just for baking. Ha! You can use any rolling pin, but French rolling pins don’t have handles, they are tapered instead, making them ideal for pounding meat. My favorite is the Befano 18 inch French rolling pin.

2. Cast Iron Skillet

The weight of the cast iron skillet makes it the perfect weapon for chicken, beef, veal, or any other meat.

3. Can of Tomatoes

Look for assistance in the pantry. Its thick, round shape may prove a little cumbersome, but when you’re in a bind a big can of tomatoes will help you flatten those pieces of meat.

4. Hammer

Yes, I’ve grabbed a hammer in a pinch. But I used the side of the hammer rather than the head. You can use it any way that works for you. Even though the meat is covered with plastic, be sure to clean the hammer before and after use.

5. Tortilla Press

Though meat may need to be cut into smaller pieces, this is perfect for pressing meat as well a dough.

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